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Hi my name is Antony, I have been doing fitness and its various facets for just over 10 years. I have always been an athletic guy playing different sports like basketball, football and soccer. However, growing up my true passion was Track and Field, which led me to become an All-American Track Star during my senior year of High School.

With that being said for most of my life I struggled gaining muscle and was considered the "skinny guy." Yet, this just motivated me to further my knowledge on how I could surpass my genetic predisposition and build the body I wanted.

I became an active learner, adjusting strategies as my knowledge expanded, began lifting weights and have never looked back.
Throughout my experience I found that a lot of people resonated with my journey, and struggled because fitness plans weren't catered to their individual needs.

That is why, my philosophy surrounding fitness revolves around YOU, YOU ARE THE CORE! And together, we will work as a team to get YOU where YOU want to be!


NASM Certified Personal trainer

NSAM Certified Nutritional Coach

Group Fitness Instructor

Strength Training
Weight Loss
Muscle Gain

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