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Passion for sports from an early age, playing and competing in gymnastics, volleyball, soccer and cheerleading. Over the years I have always maintained an active lifestyle, however the emergence of the pandemic has changed the course of everybody’s lives and has given me the personal realization of the importance of prioritizing physical and mental health. Consequently, I have decided to become a certified personal trainer to help people discover their power, discipline and motivation so they can achieve extraordinary results. 

I fell in love with my own process and I want to spread the knowledge I have gained over the years to assist you by guiding your fitness journey to push your body to the next level, accomplishing your fitness goals whatever they may be and finding the power of your body and mind.

        ⁃       Conditioning training 
        ⁃       Bodybuilding specialist 
        ⁃       Strength training 
        ⁃       Corrective exercise specialist 
        ⁃       Exercise recovery specialist 
        ⁃       Nutritionist 
        ⁃       Flexibility 
        ⁃       Conditioning training 

ISSA certified personal training 

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